About Me

Chris Ball

I am the current web manager of the Craneconcertina.com site. The bulk of the material was gathered, organized, and presented by Steve at PC Sense. I took over the site in 2016.

I started playing concertina in 2005. I began with a low cost bulky Anglo style concertina. I later acquired another low cost and equally awkward English style, but I had read about Duet concertinas.

I studied the key layouts a long time before getting a box of any style, and right off concluded the Crane was for me, but I was not able to obtain one for several years so I started with the easy to find Anglo which was recommended for Irish music.

My first duet was a McCaan 46 button which sounded great, but was a bit quirky on finding the notes. It was also my first vintage box and the first one that actaully sounded like a concertina. I liked it enough to keep searching for a Crane style.

I currently have 2 Crane style concertinas, a very nicely restored 48Key Lachenal, and a scruffy 35key Wheatstone SA box. .

I had stopped playing concertina for many years, then I was severly injured in 2015 and did not have the strength to play my other instruments (I became very ill while attending a college class). Fortunately for me I am not in a wheel chair or blinded. While recovering I learned how to read music for my 35key concertina. (update: in 2017 I regained alot of finger strength, I am now almost fully recovered and planning a bunch of new projects, including finishing off my MIDI concertina).

I built a Kantele from a kit in 2016, later I acquired a "Lap Harp"/Kantele built by Gary Upton and I plan to build a larger one with MIDI triggers.

Currently I am learning how to use a CNC router, building musical instrument parts, forms, and studying technical drafting. I built my first instrument in 1997 but mostly I have worked on fixing and customizing instruments.