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For all other enquiries, suggestions, corrections, please email me -

Submission Guidelines:

- Images should be as clear as possible, larger is usually better. I'm planning to update the gallery to display larger images. Pictures of both sides showing the buttons and handles, plus one picture showing the bellows. Even 1 picture is acceptable. The gallery is currently set to display a maximum of 4 images.

- If you do not currently own the concertina you will need permission from the owner to submit it to the gallery.

- "That's my Box!" - if you see a concertina you own and its in the gallery becuase somebody sold it to you, I will remove the concertina or hide/update the name at your request.

- You can remove your concertina from the listing at anytime for any reason by contacting me.

- The site is free, I make no money at all from it. It may take me a few days to get your image in/out of the gallery.