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Instruments for sale:

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Lachenal Anglo Concertina:

This is a "sub-miniature" anglo concertina I tried to sell on eBay. I purchased it on eBay and at the time I knew little about concertinas (It looked cool!) and I paid too much for it.. A story you've heard before I'm sure.

Vintage Lachenal rare small mini anglo concertina 21 buttons, rosewood ends, steel reeds, tuned C/G. Concertina is smaller than standard, see photos, measures approx. 5" across, almost a miniature but with a full set of 2 row. Some missing pieces of fretwork, bellows papers are wrinkled and stained in some spots, see photos. Two of the papers on one side of the bellows not shown in these photos had bad stains and the papers deterioated somewhat trying to clean it, so I will be looking to get a new set of papers for it if nobody buys it. I kept the papers becuase I thought somebody might want them since its vintage and they are the original papers.

I was able to play all notes. Concertina has intricate fretting, the letters L and Co are in the fretting. Includes the original wooden storage box. I believe its over 100 years old.

Although playable, three of the very high notes on the upper right C row are missing the leather valves. Some of the pads look newer and it sounds to me mostly in tune. I believe the concertina has been serviced in the past but I have no idea when other than previous to my owning it.

It is a bit breathy, though I believe the bellows is actaully in fair shape and the missing valves are making it breathy.

One picture shows the concertina next to a standard 6.25" concertina which is NOT included in the auction, that is just for size comparison.

$800 + shipping, if you live outside the US Ive never sent anything overseas and have no idea how much it would cost.

Paul McAuley Bodhran:

Here is a nice small "Raitlan Island" Bodhran I bought from Ireland a number of years ago. Turns out I don't have very good rhythm, but its a nice little Bodhran that sits in a box waiting for someone who can play it.

Bodhran measures approximately 13" diameter and 5.25" deep.

Not sure if this increases its value or not, but when I bought it I think Paul told me this particular drum had been used by the band Lunasa, whom I saw play at a Celtic festival a number of years ago. No gurantee on that!

$180 + shipping